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Hard work, Patience is key to success: Arusa Parvaiz
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Hard work, Patience is key to success: Arusa Parvaiz

Post by on Friday, June 3, 2022

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In a brief talk with Rising Kashmir's City Correspondent Aatif Qayoom, the recent 12th class topper Arusa Parvaiz spoke about how she prepared for the exams during the pandemic days.


How difficult was it to prepare for an examination during pandemic?

Indeed, it was tough but not impossible. We were not able to go to school or tuitions physically because everything was under the strong grip of COVID-19 and everyone was afraid of stepping out. The pandemic affected students badly.

Schools and tuition centres were closed, but there was only an online platform available for students. The tuition centre provided us with an online platform, and that helped us. At first, it was difficult to manage things because before that we never had online classes. I am thankful to the teachers who were available 24x7 for every student.

How were you managing time for studies?

Managing studies is all about time management. If you know how to manage your time, you can easily manage your studies and you can even make time for other activities as well. During that period, there was nothing to do outside due to the pandemic. I got more time to study which helped me to get this position.

How satisfied does it feel to be a topper? 

The journey from being a normal student to being the topper was really incredible. There were times when I felt like I couldn't do it, but ultimately you have to find a way to make it work. I learned a lot of things irrespective of my studies. And another thing is that I kept self-motivated that hard work always pays off.

Have you taken any additional classes? 

No, I have never taken any extra classes other than tuition lectures because there was no other option due to COVID-19 restrictions. I would have taken the physical classes, but unfortunately there was no such service available at that time due to restrictions.

Whom do you want to give credit for your success and tell us about your future plans?

Firstly, God who is the one who gives strength to every individual. Secondly, I want to give this credit to my family and teachers who provided me with every support to achieve this feat. My parents were very supportive from the beginning and provided me with every facility. I pray that every one should get such supportive parents. My teachers were also supportive; they were always available for me. As far as my future planning is considered, I am preparing for the National Testing Agency (NTA) and want to be an engineer by choice.

Tell us about your family background.

Our family is a small one, including my father, mother, and grandmother. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife.

What is your message to those students who didn't pass the examination in their first attempt?

I would like to tell them to not lose hope. Life is full of opportunities. They should not lose their guard and must work hard to clear their examination. Secondly, I want to convey to them that the world's successful people are not those who cleared their exams at the first attempt. Success is permanent, but one needs to work hard and keep patience.


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