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Handover animal hides, offal to SMC; avoid littering on roads, waterbodies: Religious clerks

Throwing sacrificial waste on the streets will lead to prosecution, fine: SMC

Post by on Saturday, July 9, 2022

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Srinagar, July 07. The religious clerks (imams) across the Srinagar mosques on Friday appealed to the general public not to throw the sacrificial animal hides and offal in the drains. They also urged the masses to exhibit true Muslim character on the eve of Eid and handover the waste to SMC for proper disposal.
The religious leaders in the city threw light on animal sacrifice and made a fervent appeal to people to cooperate with the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, who will collect the offal and hides from every ward of Srinagar. They claimed that throwing a sacrificial animal piece on a drain or roadside is disrespect to sacrificial animals, and our religion forbids us from doing so.
The Srinagar municipal corporation has also said those who are found throwing animal hides or offal at any place in Srinagar will face prosecution and a fine.
Mohammad Asif, a resident from the Uptown area of Srinagar told Rising Kashmir, “People should start talking to their neighbours before Eid about how they can work together to keep the streets clean.  They should create awareness of civic responsibilities and provide relevant guidelines to the residents to cooperate for keeping their streets clean through, social media groups or by word of mouth. Emphasise that cleanliness of their environment is not possible without our active cooperation. 
According to officials, Srinagar Municipal Corporation is offering a dedicated service for the collection of hides in all the wards of Srinagar city this Eid. They urged people to not throw away their hides or related waste in public spaces or with municipal waste. That will lead to prosecution.
The officials said the people should act as responsible citizens and should not throw away animal hides or waste any place.  They said that people should call the concerned officials to collect the sacrificial waste.
A senior official said people should put all the waste, including excrement and fodder, in a garbage bag and close the bag. Leaving it uncovered will attract scavengers like cats and crows, who will undo your cleanup. 
They should wait for the hopper vehicle to come to your lane to collect it. People must not put it outside or throw it in the street, he added.
The department has put 70 vehicles in place whose names and numbers have also been shared by the department.