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Hakeem Yaseen terms ban on FAT schools as violation of Right to Education

Post by on Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Srinagar, June 25: Chairman Peoples’ Democratic Front (PDF) and former Minister Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen Saturday expressed concern over closing of FallahAam Trust (FAT) schools adding that the “arbitrary decision” about banning of educational institutions amounts to deprivation of right to education and snatching livelihood to thousands of the families of the teachers associated with these schools.
He said either the government should revoke the decision or adopt FAT schools fully along with teachers, children and infrastructure to save the livelihood of hundreds of families.
 In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that the decision would snatch livelihood of hundreds of teachers working in these schools.
He urged the government to either revoke the decision about banning of the FAT schools or take over these educational institutions fully alongwith the teachers and infrastructure.
He said that the decision has raised doubts among the people that the government was not sincere towards minorities especially Muslims and was on the path of vengeance.
PDF Chairman said at a time when the Muslim community was mourning over blasphemous and insulting remarks about their beloved Prophet ( PBUH) made by some arrogant  leaders of the ruling BJP , it was unwise to ban FAT schools adding that it has added salt to the injuries of Muslim Ummah .
Hakeem Yaseen urged the Prime Minister NarinderaModi to take stern action against fringe elements within his party and outside to protect rich traditions of communal harmony and brotherhood. He said unity in diversity, which is the hallmark of rich Indian ethos, is in jeopardy due to unchecked activities of fringe elements.”

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