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Greenery around hospitals can ease confusion, anger among patients, visitors, healthcare providers: Study

‘Greenery protects against mood disorders, depression, neurotic behavior, stress-related issues’

Post by on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Srinagar, Feb 21: A new study has claimed that having greenery around hospitals can ease confusion, anger among patients, visitors and healthcare providers.
A study published in ‘Health Environments Research and Design Journal’ reveals that anger and confusion in patients and attendants was “significantly relieved" in the green environment.
Echoing the same views, valley based mental health experts claim that greenery is soothing to eyes and distressed people.
Dr Yasir Hassan Rather, Professor at IMHANS told Rising Kashmir that nature plays a significant role on mental health. “People always find solace in greenery and places where there is no noise pollution, less crowds and air pollution. Be it adventurous activities like trekking in the woods, walking around beaches, exploring mountains always plays a great role on the moods of people," Dr Yasir said.
He said, while treating patients they give them mindful exercises related to nature.
"Mindful exercises are like imagination in the gardens, beaches, trekking in mountains. Living in the present. There is an abundance of oxygen in green spaces. And oxygen plays a very important role for a healthy brain and it reduces stress hormones," he added.
Dr Umar Jan, a Neuro-psychiatrist told Rising Kashmir that the seasons are affecting the mental health of people.
He said that the scientists found that citizens who grew up with the least green space nearby had more than 50 percent increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in later years. The impact of green space throughout childhood is significant.
“Greenery around most strongly protects against mood disorders, depression, neurotic behavior, and stress-related issues, the studies have found that psychological restoration may be the strongest protective mechanism that greenery offers. The effect of greenery is also dose-dependent, meaning those who have longer exposures to green space have greater mental health benefits,” he said.
According to the experts, anger and confusion were "significantly relieved" in the greenspaces. “It's important to have greenery around hospitals, patients feel relieved and it reduces their anxiety levels,” they said.

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