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Global Warming is a concern

Given the willingness of statesmen and political leadership, green and eco friendly technology can certainly replace the prevailing pollution technology

Post by on Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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Over the past few years, the concentration of carbon dioxide (which has a 50% contribution towards causing global warming) has increased in the atmosphere by manifold. The nuisance of global warming which is the biggest environmental challenge of the 21st Century, the need of the hour is to find some way out for curbing the factors which contribute towards global warming. The immediate threats of global warming are waiting for the new generations with their dreadful effects. 
The Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) envisages an increase in average global temperature in the years to come. People are already aware of the severe and long term consequences of Global Warming. Besides, the nations of the world need to explore the strategies for handling the most dreadful stuff (Nuclear Waste) for the wellbeing of planet earth. Though the nuclear waste is dumped into the oceans and under the soil, yet it can persist for a long time since the half life of some radioactive materials is of the order of years and centuries. 
The nuclear race has made the world to be at the climax of destruction. In this race who wins who loses, that does not matter, but overall the resources are forced to shrink. We should switch to alternative sources of energy (preferably renewable ones) in order to meet our energy requirements. It will serve as a dual purpose, viz., to minimize air pollution and prevention of our natural resources from exploitation. Given the willingness of statesmen and political leadership, green and eco friendly technology can certainly replace the prevailing pollution technology.
Down the gradient ranging from Copenhagen Summit Failure to the unsuccessful attempts made by Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to maintain the glory of Srinagar city (which was categorized as one of the dirtiest cities of India by Union Urban Development Ministry in 2010), the Global Warming nuisance to the inefficiency of Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) to protect world famous Dal and other Lakes from unchecked pollution. Road widening is going on but at the same time roadside encroachments are running parallel, irrespective of being under green belt or normal belt. Sometimes even Chinars are being chopped keeping the judicial/legal jurisprudence at bay. 
Dal Lake is not only polluted but maligned. While government focused solely on Dal Lake, much less heed has been paid to other reputed water bodies like Jhelum.  The number of vehicles (discharging tons of automobile exhaust per day) is perhaps going to outnumber the number of individuals in this once beautiful corner of the world. Nobody is bothered about sustainable development. It is surprising that corruption has not spared even our environment as the above failures directly stem from corruption cancer. We should maximize our efforts in order to regain the status of our valley of being called the Switzerland of Asia.
We must let all the species to survive of their own as they too are a part of this biosphere. We should not restrict their living merely up to wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. Although usually we do not directly kill wild animals, but we are uprooting their habitats.
(Author is a Lecturer) 

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