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GKPD hails Delimitation Commission’s recommendation for KPs

Post by on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Srinagar, May 10: Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) Tuesday hailed Delimitation Commission’s findings and recommendations for Kashmiri Pandits. The KP group asked Government of India to implement the recommendations post haste and prior to upcoming state elections.
A statement from the group said that in a GKPD symposium on the Delimitation Commission’s recommendations, panelists noted that the Commission was impressed by the submissions of the Kashmiri migrants. It found substance in the grievances of the Kashmiri Migrants. Their plight is unparalleled.
Speakers in the panel included AshwiniChrungoo, KuldeepKhoda, Justice B.L. Saraf, YoginderKaul, Sanjay Ganjoo, VirendarKaul, Dr.SurinderKaul and RakeshKaul, Ram AvtarBhat and UtpalKaul. 
GKPD international coordinator, UtpalKaul said, “Panelists have pointed out that history has been made with a supreme constitutional body accepting our inputs on our genocide in toto and endorsing them. Our team worked as one in presenting a detailed fact-based case buttressed with strong precedence. In my meeting with the Commission, they showed appreciation for the quality of our submissions.”
GKPD International Coordinator expressed his appreciation for Member of Parliament VivekTankha for his letter to the Delimitation Commission expressing support for our political rights.
“The entire Kashmiri Pandit community thanks the Delimitation Commission for their support,” the statement said.
GKPD co-founder, RakeshKaul thanked AshwiniChrungoo for leading the effort on behalf of the Kashmiri Pandit community. Chrungoo kept the issue center stage through his media outreach and connectivity with the Commission, he said. He also expressed his appreciation for Justice B. L. Saraf whose work provided clarity and conviction to the merits of our case, he added.
Dr.SurinderKaul, co-founder GKPD reiterated the heavy responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the entire Kashmiri Pandit community to take this positive opening to its logical conclusion. This should build on the selfless teamwork that had been the hallmark of this initiative to date.

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