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From Kunzer to Leh in 5 days: Four Baramulla youngsters complete cycling expedition successfully

Post by on Thursday, July 21, 2022

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Baramulla, July 20:
Captivated by the Himalayas, four youth hailing from Kunzer area of north Kashmir's Baramulla district completed the pedalling expedition to Ladakh in just five days. They travelled all the way from Kunzer to Ladakh on their cycles covering a distance of over 460 kilometres.
With nominal bicycles braving adverse conditions these young boys from Kunzer area of Baramulla paddled through the highest motorable road to reach their destination.
"We had planned a trip from Baramulla to Manali via Leh but adverse conditions, lack of experience and bad health made us change the road map and make it up to Leh only. This expedition injected enough motivation in us and very soon we will create a world record by pedaling in the minimum hours," said Zahid Hilal Dar, one of the cyclists who is part of the expedition.
Zahid, a BBA student is accompanied by Danish Hamid Sheikh, Syed Junaid and Ashique Ahmed Sheikh
The youngsters were preparing for the journey of traveling to Ladakh on their bicycles for years. They would initially take short trips from Kunzer to Gulmarg thus readying themselves for the final odyssey.
“In 2021, the idea of pedaling to Ladakh struck us and we began rehearsals for around 30 to 50-kilometer a day. We had no professional cycles and neither our families allowed us because they were scared of any eventuality. But this year, we prepared ourselves mentally and began our journey on July 13 at 4 in the morning,” said Danish Hamid Sheikh.
Danish told Rising Kashmir that they covered 460 kilometres amid hot weather in just five days and used to cover 90 to 100 kilometres in a day.
Danish Hamid had gone through surgery for a fracture a few years ago and had an iron rod inserted into his leg. He said that there have been difficulties but if there is a commitment, no pain can be a deterrent.
“Although the pain while pedalling uphill was at times unbearable, the passion never let me stop. The shooting pain after covering 20 to 30 km became a hindrance but the pain-relieving spray bottles came handy. My teammates were incredibly helpful,” Danish added.
Another cyclist Syed Junaid said that at many points in time, they thought of backing up but the passion and commitment motivated them to pedal forward. 
“Ladakh is all about experience. The biking groups that would pass alongside would constantly encourage us by giving a thumbs up. This boosted our spirit and the people of Ladakh are very much helpful,” said Syed Junaid.
Junaid said that there was obviously a risk of their cycles breaking down, so they had to take along puncture kits and other tools by which they could repair the brakes or any other part of the cycle.
"All four of us prepared ourselves with mental balance and we started this journey. It was hot and humid during the day, cold during night, rain in the morning but we kept our nerves and succeeded in our mission. Also there was a lack of oxygen at high altitude,” he added.
For these youngsters traveling to Ladakh was one of their dreams and in their appeal to the youth of Kashmir they said that youngestors must shun the bad practices and instead take it to mountains and feel the adrenaline rush.

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