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Film 'Hunger' by Irfan Choudhary receives 3 awards in International Film Festival

Post by on Friday, July 29, 2022

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Jammu, July28: Waterfront Festival of International Films Lavasa yesterday announced that the Hunger, a short film by Irfan Choudhary, bagged 3 awards in different categories viz. Best Indian film of the festival, Best Director -Irfan Choudhary and Best Cinematographer - Sameer Sharma. 
In a statement issued here on Thursday, the Director of the film Irfan Choudhary revealed that the movie has also  been screened at Pinewood studios, UK by 'Lift of Global Network' recently, which has undoubtedly brought smiles on the faces of our team . Irfan Choudhary said it is solely due to the painstaking efforts of our cast and crew.
It's a matter of great elation to the people of Jammu that the short socially-riveting movie 'Hunger' has bagged three international film awards.
Cinematographer of the film Sameer Sharma said that the film has been shooted in a slum area of Jammu which was quite difficult for the team to shoot but with the support of the cast and crew we could make it possible.
Further Producer of the film Nitika Aggarwal said that At a time, when the index of Women’s safety registers an all-time low, this movie brings hope and it also highlights poverty that remains the most cruel factor for their pathetic state.
Associate Director Muzaffer Butt stated that 'Hunger' has also been officially selected by the Women's International Film Festival, Nigeria and First time filmmakers by Lift of Global for its theme and presentation.
The film ‘Hunger was produced by Nitika Aggarwal & Irfan Choudhary. The team of hunger include Irfan Choudhary (Writer and Director), Ashh K and Keshav Bhat (Singers),  Muzaffer Butt (Associate Director & Screenplay), Sameer Sharma (Cinematographer), Ashh K (Music)Jawed Khurshid (Lyrics), Prashant Singh (Editing) and Shallu Sharma (Makeup)
The proud artists who acted in the film includes Lalita Tapasvi, Radhika sharma, Dilshad Shazi , Aditya Bhanu, Ravinder Sharma, Sanjeev Verma, Mohit Kaul, Sandeep Manhas, Manoj Bhat, Neeraj Raina, Sanjana Sodhi and Muzamil Ahmed. 

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