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Fatty liver

Post by on Friday, October 29, 2021

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Fatty liver is usually an incidental finding on ultrasonography. Around 1/4th of population has fatty liver which means around 25% of the population.
Dietary restriction, oral Vitamin E and brisk walking are very effective in treating fatty liver. It is well known that 1000 kcal calorie deficit/day induces a weight loss of 1 kg/week. People having fatty liver should be strictly advised to avoid fructose-containing beverages/foods. Red meat should be restricted while fish and poultry are safe. Olive oil is the best oil to use for cooking followed by sunflower oil. Vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts can be taken in plenty. Coffee consumption is shown to decrease fatty liver. 150 min/week of brisk walking is very effective in reducing hepatic fat.
Dr Yasir Wani 
Paediatrician J&K Health Services 

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