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Fashionable attire with religious touch

Post by on Saturday, July 9, 2022

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Eid-ul-Adha is an important festival celebrated by Muslims across globe and and no Eid is ever complete without the beautiful attire. As the people of Kashmir are gearing up for the forthcoming Eid, the designers are leaving no stone unturned to offer something that looks stylish and at the same time accomplishes the religious needs of a person.
As this Eid will be observed in summers, carrying the festive look in the scorching heat will be exhausting. While keeping the weather conditions in mind, the designers have prioritized the use of summer friendly fabrics like cotton, muslin along with the pastels colors for their customers to feel comfortable and look stylish.  
Giving traditional essence to the clothing, one of the leading fashion stores, Pastau is blending Tilla embroidery with the soft subtle summer prints.
Mehvish Shahjee from Pastau said that their huge collection catering to the women folk for Eid, comprising kurta and contrasting bottom, are adorned with Kashmiri tilla to keep it classy and cultural.  
 She said, “While designing the Eid outfits we take traditional and occasional flavour of Eid into concern.”
This Eid they have used cotton comfortable breezy prints with light colors so that it’s easily wearable for the women folks while being busy in the arrangements of festivities.  For the festive look, timeless floral patterns go well with the colorful shades.
 “We are having good response from the customers. The customers also like the light printed stuff with traditional Kashmiri touch,” she added.
Apart from buying outfits from various stores, some like to get their outfits stitched for this occasion by taking inspiration from their favorite stars and celebrities.
Recreating the ethnic looks worn by various celebrities is what most of the local boutiques in the town do especially during this time.  
“Girls usually opt for Kameez Shalwar, anarkali suits, shararas which their favorite celebs wear. Customers get the designs and we try to recreate them. I recently stitched a knee length Kameez paired with a tulip shalwar embroidered around the borders. This was worn by a celebrity of Pakistan. Wearing all white Kameez Shalwar along with the colorful heavy embroidered Dupatta is what most of the women folk like to wear on Eid. It’s simple yet elegant and is worn by the Indian celebs too,” said Sana who runs a local boutique in Srinagar.
She also added that for people obsessed with desi couture, short kurta salwar sets teamed up with Khussas is going to be a favourite look for Eid.
She further said that the Middle Eastern dress, Kaftans, are also perfect for the Eid in summers because of its flattering look. Cinching it at the waist with an embellished belt can add grace to the outfit, she recommends.
 During Eid prayers, some women folk also put on the Arabic traditional and modest attire- Abayas along with a headscarf. She said, “The combination has been the choice of many women while going for Eid Namaz. Everybody wants to look good on Eid. It’s in our religion obligation to wear new clothes on Eid, if not new then wear the washed one."
 The Eid vibes don't end here. When it comes to fashion, there are various stores offering a wide range of men’s collections suitable to their taste.  
Baraqah, a modest fashion store, has kept the budget for the customers from 1500-7000. Mohammad Ahtisham, co-founder of the brand which is on par with the leading brands of Asia, said that on Eid, Kurta Pajamas is an outfit which is being worn from generations.
“The fabrics that we have used are cotton blends to avoid wrinkles in the fabric. We are also introducing rayon and linen because during summers, people like to wear the clothes that are flowy,” he said.
The most liked collection among his customers is Khadi Kurta Pajama which is among the new designs.  Their collection features a wide range of 17 new colors including olive, brown and blue are mostly taken. “The blue color has gone out of stock and olive is trending. Also, we have added slight embroidery in the neckline of the Kurtas to level up the game. We are presenting the designs while taking the wedding season into consideration as well,” he said.  
 Wasim Ahmad who runs a fashion store in Pattan has been observing a good rush of customers for some days.
“The plain Kurta Pajamas are more in vogue as compared to the fancy ones because of the comfort it provides. Muslims like to celebrate by dressing up and wearing their best clothes on Eid day. Men visit many places to distribute the sacrificial meat so it’s important for them to look and feel good. The designs are usually made at the neckline. Youth usually like side neck design, side slits, panelled and asymmetric hemline designs. Nearly 70-80% demand of Kurta Pajamas increases on the occasions of Eid only. The jeans and shirt don’t go with the festive look,” he said.
The Kurta Pajama also caters to the kids of 2 years of age. The modern and angular kurtas are worn with bottoms including jeans, dhoti and crotch pants.  “Pathani, sherwani and jacketed Kurtas are also available in the market. The men's kurtas have endless designs,” he said.
To spruce up the desi persona, one can also add waistcoats. “Many Bollywood celebs have been wearing waistcoats with kurta pajamas to look trendy. Apart from this, men can also adorn thin shawls instead of waistcoats. A Peshawari Leather chappal will take the style game to the next level,” he added.
As the Eid collection looks promising, everybody is trying to look their best in their own way.

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