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Farooq Renzushah attends 7th Mubark at holy shrines

Post by on Friday, July 8, 2022

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Srinagar, July 07: Chairman Jamaat AitqaadHanafiyaInternational Farooq Renzushah on Thrusday attended 7th Mubark at holy shrines of Bulbulshah,Sultan Safer uddin,OwaisiSahib,Jamia Awal andYarqandSaraie.
Khwaja emphasised that spiritual character of Kashmir symbolises our real glory of 700 years which needs to be revived.
He said that those ideologies of hate which were responsible for the last seven decades for damaging the high Civilization Spiritual Hanafi character of Kashmir are today feeling ashamed and regretful.
He said champions of hate have lost the battle against spirits of love who raised our Kashmir to heights of glory and made every village, every Mohalla, every nook, and Corner as Houses of Wisdom.

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