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Family concern
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Family concern

Post by on Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Family system is the cornerstone of the social order, one of the most important components in a nation state that embraces welfare of all human associations within its ambit and therefore assumes the form of a welfare state. Likewise, in a family system, the youth or the young are essential human components with whom rests the carefully formulated future as at a certain point of time it is them who have to take upon the defined paths chosen by their predecessors. If there are shortcomings in upbringing, the family as a unit fails and the nation state is bound to suffer. A cursory look at the grim situation in J&K reveals that the bond within family system is slackening wherein the family members are separated by an enormous gulf marked by feelings of mistrust, alienation and even hostility, which does not auger well for the society, neither now nor tomorrow. Over the years, the family as an institution has ceased to compensate like a well knit unit. If there is a spoilt child, the family should take a peek and reckon at its own doing and that is protection. Kashmir, from last few years, is exhibiting strange tendencies; not only are our moral and ethical standards going down but the crime rate has also shown a consistent increase. Many sociologists are of the opinion that the family serve as one of the strongest socializing forces in a person’s life and the dysfunctional family system may directly contribute to the development of delinquent and criminal tendencies in a society.  Unfortunately many social crimes are on rise in Jammu and Kashmir and the atrocities against the women folk have particularly increased. Our daughters no longer feel safe outside as they used to in the past. Also, domestic violence has been silently making inroads in the society. Common perception is that very less number of cases are reported and often the victim tends to bear for fear of societal repercussions. Therefore, it is viewed primarily as a social problem and it is only in extreme cases, like serious injuries and deaths, that the crime gets noticed. If our society has to be saved and we really care for our future generation, we must take it as a challenge and devise a method that can correct the ills draining into in our society as the weakening family system has the potential of pushing society further into the darkness of moral degradation.

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