Exploring Kiter Daji and Mund Daji
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Exploring Kiter Daji and Mund Daji

Mund daji and Kitter daji are among the beautiful natural areas of Rafiabad’s upper Kandi block

Post by on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Jammu and Kashmir abounds with natural scenic beauty and soothing landscapes but we have certain pockets of areas even unexplored or unnoticed by most of the people.  May to September is the peak time for outing, and exploration for outsiders as well as locals. In this season adventure lovers seek the places away from the urban buzz. By panoramic view of this area through these lines, we can visualize the beauty and grandeur of Kandi Rafiabad block, 90 KM away from Srinagar in North Kashmir. This area has a score of astounding tourist places and Eco villages.


Spellbound green shades of forests, the pastures glistening in shades of emerald is no less than a wonder in the lap of lush green hills and mountains  of Kitter daji and Mund daji and people from various areas throng here these days. Trekkers and adventure lovers move out for trekking and tour within the valley to explore new areas to appreciate the nature. Mund daji and Kitter daji are among the beautiful natural areas of Rafiabad’s upper Kandi block. Here we can appreciate vast sprawling green meadows and snow-capped peaks around this area. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of different shades of Rafiabad and other areas from the peaks, Cool breeze and rain splashes greet trekkers, birders, and visitors here and infuse life and jubilation even in melancholic moods. The Boos and Gabiwar picnic spots are 15km from Ladoora. On the other side is Hamam Markot area which is an ideal trekking destination. It is an adventure destination for trekkers, climbers, mountaineers and eco-tourists. A less-known shrine is situated in dramatic picturesque forests at Kukarwan. Here the scant presence of Gujjar Bakerwals makes it an abode of peace and tranquility. From the heights we can view the small simple hamlets in the sweeping valley below.


There is an easy motor ride to Mund daji, which is full of Deodar trees and is a fabulous place to get lost. The plentiful flora coupled with aromatic plants refreshes the brains. It is a natural sanctuary for wild birds and animals. The atmosphere remains abuzz with the chirping of wild birds. Kittter Daji is an area where we can relish crystal-clear water, swift waterfall, small cataracts, and gushing springs, gleaming streams with fishes. The road leading to these spots continues on to several villages from Dangiwacha Tehsil headquarters along the pristine rivulet Humal. The rivulet has a splendid look and also quenches the thirst of weary trekkers.


Sathrena, Zethan and Dalri hamlets are popular picnic spots, especially for children who can frolic in the natural ambience. In these three villages the forest cover is ideal and has great scope for apiculture, pisciculture, and floriculture. Pristine water of Humal Nallah is a unique sight to behold. Photographic lovers, enthusiasts appreciate the verdant surroundings. The tricky terrains remain soaked by afternoon rain splashes mostly. There are refreshing and rejuvenating spots for family trips due to their easy access and comfortable road connectivity. The people of the Kandi area are genial, hospitable, and cultured.


The need of the hour is that the basic infrastructure should be developed here and the tourism department needs to take it as a new tourist destination in order to tap the potential for tourism in this area. Steps are also needed to conserve the fragile environment. Visitors should also contribute to save this picturesque by developing a sensible approach towards it.



(Author is a writer and can be reached on: irasoolaleem@gmail.com)

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