Exercise and useful Tips
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Exercise and useful Tips

Post by on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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There is almost no disease that exercise doesn't benefit, you should Wait at least 60 minutes after eating a meal before you take part in exercise, Don’t skip the warm-up and cool-down.,Balance your exercise with seated activities,Remember to drink water when you are thirsty,Rest as needed during exercise. It is best not to lay down after exercising because it reduces your tolerance,Slowly increase your exercise level, especially if you have not been getting regular exercise. Exercise at a steady pace,Don’t exercise when you are sick or have a fever. Wait a few days to heal. Ask your doctor  if you have questions about when you can return to your routine,Have fun! Choose an exercise you enjoy. Having fun helps you stick with your routine,
Choose  types of exercise you enjoy; choose a variety of activities so you don’t get bored, Whether you like exercising alone or with a group,The types of programs that work with your schedule.
Wear appropriate clothing and shoes to match your activity and weather conditions. Schedule exercise as part of your daily routine. Plan to exercise at the same time every day, and stick with your plan,You may want to find a friend to exercise with to help you stay motivated and on track. Keeping an exercise record will help you see your progress. Think twice about investing in expensive equipment or memberships unless you know you will use them. It is possible to have an effective, inexpensive exercise routines.