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Engineering cousins aim to introduce walnut wood epoxy, aspire to go global

Post by on Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Two engineering graduate cousins--Kashif Khan and Adnan Bakshi—did lot of research work to establish their own business venture. They selected a few options, but wanted to do something unique with a local twist.  

Finally the duo decided to work on epoxy furniture and introduce the concept in Kashmir valley.

Their venture ‘Divine Epoxy Furniture’ is the first of its kind in Kashmir. This venture was all together the new idea in the valley.

“We have been working on resin epoxy and have also done a lot of research work,” the duo said.

According to them, the basic idea of starting the epoxy venture is to boost the wood industry of Kashmir and moreover generate employment for the youth.

The cousins said, “Combining the resin epoxy with the handicrafts of Kashmir can help to revive the Kashmir walnut wood carving industry.”

Since, the venture is in its initial stage they only sell in Kashmir but in near future plan to sell their products globally.

“We would love to show the people how the combination of walnut wood of Kashmir and resin epoxy can do wonders,” they said.

They say material used for their products, resin epoxy, is procured from outside J&K.

The making of epoxy furniture requires skill and labour which can be a good source of employment generation.

 “We have very few people as of now, but we will train more people,” the duo said. 

 The journey has been difficult for the engineering cousins initially because of scant availability of resources in Kashmir.

 “There is no one to teach the basics but with a lot of research and hard work learning makes things easy,” the duo said.

The duo say the most unexpected struggle was the introduction of resin epoxy in the wooden industry and market of Kashmir. 

Currently, they market and sell their products through their social media handle (divine_epoxywork).

“The grass root work i.e., reaching from small scale wooden industry to higher ones is still in progress,” they said. 

 The cost of the products varies and depends upon labour and the material used.

 The venture started with resin epoxy tables and resin wall clocks and experience has been wonderful, they added.

 “From just knowing the idea about resin epoxy to its practical usage it has been a wonderful experience as all the things are new and we have learned a lot of things.”

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