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Eid rush and traffic
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Eid rush and traffic

Post by on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Ahead of Eid festival, traffic cops can be seen struggling on roads in order to streamline the massive vehicular traffic. Every now and then commuters in Srinagar city witness traffic nightmare as the snarl-ups have become a routine affair. Amid the traffic mess, cops can be seen trying to manage the traffic but with great difficulty. This is a phenomenon now observed in Srinagar city before every major festive occasion. Despite the government and traffic authorities proactive measures to ensure complying of road safety measures, a large number of people in Kashmir continue to flout the rules. At most intersections traffic cops helplessness is understood as pulling up the violators could possibly exacerbate the problem and cause severe jams. As of now the only deterrent that traffic authorities have in their hands is challan or the authority to seize vehicles which is rarely used. But given the widespread violations, the deterrent value of challan has got significantly reduced to such an extent that violators tend to be fined rather than refrain from driving. When a penalty doesn’t work, it is unlikely that the alternative methods and ways like persuasion would. In the wake of safety drives in the past traffic authorities used persuasion and a positive method of giving incentives to those who obeyed and followed the rules. Unfortunately flouting the rules has become a behavioral issue and what is worse is that the multiplying factor is the mass number. The violators are akin to behave in such a way that they do not want to be stopped by the authorities or anyone else who tells them to go by the book of rules. There is a need to find a stronger deterrent that can restore the order on roads. Besides imposing the known penalties, traffic authorities must consider temporary suspension of licenses or even cancellation if the behavior of the violator does not change. Driving licenses of the violators should be tagged, and in the case of too many or repeated violations the licenses ought to be seized or cancelled. The violators not only harm themselves but are also responsible for harming others and put the traffic in disarray on roads that are shared by all. We all need to share the responsibilities, and it is not always that authorities play the spoilsport. However, there has to be meticulous study of the existing road stretches in the city and the traffic they are subjected to on day-to-day basis. The traffic department should come up with a multi tier traffic management plan during Eid holidays, especially on those stretches where probability of traffic jams is high.              

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