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Education a blessing
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Education a blessing

Education imparts the strength to overcome weaknesses. It inspires us to do good deeds and makes our lives dignified

Post by on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Education is a learning process, aimed at attaining enlightenment. It lays the foundation of a promising life. Education forms the real background of life. It inculcates wisdom and sensibility within us. It is that force which lays down the foundation of a prosperous living. It is wholly and solely due to education that we are able to discriminate between the right and the wrong. Education imparts the strength to overcome weaknesses. It inspires us to do good deeds and makes our lives dignified. It is something which is very significant and important. 
Education enriches us with invaluable qualities like patriotism. It makes us complete humans. Education is the requirement of every soul because it enriches the soul with enlightenment (noor). Right from childhood to adolescence, education is a must. Children enjoy education as their fundamental right. Unfortunately not all children have access to it. This is because of the absence of some important elements in the society which guarantee education for all.  The ever existing ‘child labor’ has snatched the very souls of children by making them to work, which is despicable for the child growth.
Secondly, poverty has a strong impact on illiteracy of children. Educated adults and elders will prove to be a great help to the society. If the elders are educated they can handle problems better and in an efficient manner. It is a great feeling when our elders like our parents, elder siblings, etc., guide us especially in studies and education.  
When our elders are educated they can exhibit a level of maturity at decisions made and problems solved. These mature brains act wisely and make up the assets of the society and nation as trustworthy citizens. At old age they become the most luminous members of the society by imparting the society their rich expertise and wisdom. 
Uneducated people on the other hand have little worth in the society. They may be honoured for their skills and other achievements but are barred from the real honour of enlightenment. We must all spread this message to encourage people to get educated and serve our society. A society which has a predominantly educated population is bound to progress. Also, practices like child labour should be abandoned and children should be encouraged to receive education.
(Author is a Student and Social Activist)

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