Early detection of hearing loss in New borns.
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Early detection of hearing loss in New borns.

Post by on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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In a recent survey conducted in India 4 out of every 1000 new born children have severe to profound hearing loss.
Hearing Loss in infants ( child upto 1 year) 
effects development of auditory ( hearing) system, interferes with development of speech and language and is harmful for social, emotional and cognitive growth of a child .
Screening of high risk newborns for hearing impairment includes : maternal age above 40 , obstructed labour , low birth weight, babies born before 37 weeks,  babies with congenital maformations , respiratory distress, babies admitted in ICU .
Screening Goal (1-3-6)  of new borns for hearing  impairment includes screening by 1 month (ideally before discharge from the hospital), further assessment  at 3 months and rehabilitate by 6 months .
How are newborns screened for hearing loss ? 
ENT evaluation, 
Oto acoustic emissions (OAE) and
Automated ABR.
Screening is safe, non invasive and painless .
Infants diagnosed and who receive intervention by 6 months score 20 - 40 percentile higher on school related measures (language ,social adjustment and behaviour)as compared to hearing impaired children who receive delayed intervention.
Dr Sajad Majid Qazi 
Professor and HOD ENT 
GMC Anantnag.


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