Dr. Sehar’s book ‘Mighty Leaps’ becomes bestseller on Amazon
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Dr. Sehar’s book ‘Mighty Leaps’ becomes bestseller on Amazon

Post by on Sunday, September 19, 2021

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 Dr. Sehar Mushtaq Kanyu got her book “Mighty Leaps” published in August this year. The book revolves around her life experiences and beckons readers to never lose hope in tough times.
Within three weeks the book became a bestseller on Amazon India.
Sehar, a medical doctor by profession, also holds a degree in Islamic Sciences. The young doctor says she always wanted to play her part for the betterment of society.
“It is not always about changing the world; it is about making a difference. No matter how big, no matter how small,” she says. 
“I wanted to lend a helping hand to my people and to the upcoming generation,” she adds.
She says, “During the last few years of my life, there have been various ups and downs. But my faith has kept me going, despite all odds and this is what I weave and write about.”
“I have a strong belief that with every difficulty there is relief. As humans when something inevitable happens, we should try to be as optimistic as possible,” she says. 
 Talking about her book, Sehar says it is about introspection of her lifelong experiences. 
 “I have written poems regarding my experiences and particular incidents of my life. I wanted to connect to my readers that is why I have put questions so that the readers can communicate their thoughts,” she says. 
 “There are also some inspiring verses of the Quran in the book to help readers find hope, solace and healing.”
 Sehar started to compile the poems two years back and says she has been able to strike a balance between medicine and art.
 “I have been an amateur author like any other writer who has just started. I usually write during the night, and I don’t plan it. Whenever a thought comes in my mind, I put it down in words.”
 Sehar has been a good speaker during her school days, and was a state level orator as well. 
 “I have always believed in self-help. I have also written a book “Evolet: Unspoken Cogitations” which was published a year back. The book had poems on family and relationships that are important to me personally.” 
 She said, “We must live life to the fullest and when some tragedy shakes us it can either break us or make us stronger and we have to be wise enough to choose between the two.”
 Apart from India, Sehar’s new book has been doing well in Canada, the USA, and the UK as well.
 “I was astonished when I got to know that my book has become a bestseller within a short span of time. I couldn’t believe it because there were many other competitive books alongside,” she says. 
 Sehar’s mother, Asiya has been her inspiration and she has dedicated the book to her mother and late father Mushtaq Ahmad Kanyu. 
 “My mother has been the strongest person I have ever known. My father had taught me to take mighty leaps throughout but keeping the feet grounded, hence the title “Mighty Leaps”.


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