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Dr Andrabi visits Chrar-e-Sharief, Pakherpora; takes on spot decisions

‘Pandals, takhts erected for receiving donations at shrines removed’

Post by on Friday, August 19, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 18: Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board Dr DarakhshanAndrabi Thursday visited Charar-e-Sharief to inspect the shrine management system here.
She was accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer of Waqf Board Dr Syed Majid Jahangir, Tahsildar of Waqf, IshtiaqMohiuddin and representatives of district administration.
Dr Darakhshan paid obeisance at the shrine of Sheikh NooruddinNoorani. After the blanket ban by Waqf Board on compulsive & illegal demand of money at shrines by some people, Dr Andrabi ordered the removal of all chairs and takhts erected by the people within the shrine and the campus for receiving donations at shrine of Alamdar which were removed by the Waqf staff, immediately.
She ordered the people to help in re-establishing the real befitting environment at these spiritual places.
“The ban on illegal forced donations and occupation of the donation spaces by individuals in shrines is a nuisance and people across J&K have been demanding the abolition of this practice since decades but Waqf was used by politicians for decades for vote bank politics and now we have taken this very important decision as per the provisions of Central Waqf Act. Our aim is to provide a clean, serene and spiritually befitting atmosphere to visitors in all shrines,” said Dr DarakhshanAndrabi. 
She appealed to the public to extend full support to the Waqf Board in implementation of reformatory decisions being taken to streamline the derailed Waqf Management System.
“Many hard but necessary decisions are a must for making Waqf an organization as per expectations of the people of J&K. We will be continuously taking bold decisions only to maintain or re-establish the befitting environment at our shrines and also for the productive use of other properties and assets of Waqf in J&K,” said Dr Darakhshan. 
Dr Andrabi convened meetings with Waqf Board employees at Chrar-e-Sharief and Pakherpora and emphasized on them to change their working behavior and attitude so that the services to the public are provided without any compromise. 
“Honesty and dedication is the mantra for Waqf employees to ensure the continuance of their services in Waqf. We cannot tolerate any dishonesty and laxity in services,” said Dr Andrabi to employees.
She also inspected the Waqf owned rented properties and shops and issued many orders on the spot too.  

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