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Dowry Menace
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Dowry Menace

Post by on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Dowry – a toxic to the most beautiful relationship on this planet – the union of two souls whom Almighty has bestowed with the highest degree of wisdom. Despite being abolished decades ago and with evidences of disapproval in almost all religions of the world, we still have a plethora of cases where women are either murdered or commit suicide because of dowry harassment. As per reports, every hour we lose a beautiful soul - a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend to this evil, with figures reaching more than 8000 annually in India alone. It is the cause of delayed marriages, child marriages, female infanticide, domestic violence, loss of self-esteem, murders and suicides among women.
Dowry is benign and needs a multi-directional therapy. While we need to educate our girls to be strong and independent, we also need to train our sons to respect gender equality. We need to sensitize our society against this evil by initiating mass media campaigning and also need to implement strict laws to curb this menace. It will only end when we fight it together.
Dr. Ruheela Hassan
Senior Assistant Professor,
(Founding Head),
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Islamic University of Science and Technology

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