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Dowry Curse: “We Are All Fathers”

Post by on Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Relations are not built with money but by owning and affection. Satisfying life through dowry is not consoling; satisfaction comes through sacrifice and making it to ‘not taking’.

It is said, “The one oppressing and the one quietly taking it are both equally responsible for an unpleasant scenario.” 

The original concept of dowry was supposed to be from the groom's side to the bride, to safeguard her future. However, with the course of time and patriarchy the tables turned.

Rather than safety, it has become a ritual of discount purchase.

Even if we cannot change the society as a whole, to quietly witness such defamation of a human being is beyond “injustice.”

So even in small quiet ways we must ensure change, through words, gestures and actions.

We should be the change we want to see.

‘We all are Fathers’


Dr. Syed Haneef Balkhi

Addl. Deputy Commissioner Srinagar

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