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Don’t close schools by retrieving state land from them, make settlements: Ghulam Hassan Mir

Post by on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Srinagar, June 28: Apni Party (AP) and former Cabinet Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir said that instead of retrieving the government land used by some private schools, the government should make a settlement with the occupants of the land.
The Union Territory (UT) government has recently made an amendment to the Education Act 2002 rules to change the guidelines relating to the use of government land and building structures by private schools in J&K.
Given the new rules these schools cannot run on government land. After the amendment to the rules, the government has directed the Revenue Department to identify the schools that are built on the state land. These government directions have caused concern to the stakeholders.
In a statement, Ghulam Hassan Mir said that given the fact that these schools have been established years and decades ago, the government should not try to retrieve the land, which might force the permanent closure of many of these schools.
He urged the government to make settlements of the land with the owners and management of these schools.

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