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Do not panic for theoretical possibility: Experts

Frontline workers offered parental care to sick children in pandemic: Dr. Showkat Hussain Tali

Post by on Sunday, June 13, 2021

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 Frontline workers offered parental care to sick children in pandemic: Dr. Showkat Hussain Tali


 Amid rumors that the third wave of Covid19 will hit children, Dr. Showkat Hussain Tali, pediatri­cian and neonatologist appealed to people not to panic for a theoretical pos­sibility. He said that as in the first two waves majority of people (close to 95%) affected were adults. Up till today, all vaccination progammes have been carried out only for the adult population. So there is a probabil­ity that the third Covid wave, if any, may mainly affect children.

He further explained that children often get infected by adults and other children from schools, playfields and at social gath­erings.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, like other frontline workers, Dr. Showkat too remained busy in dealing with the health situation. “As pediatrics is a demanding branch and pediatric care is critical, there­fore, from March 2020 when the pandemic hit J&K, I along with other colleagues re­mained very much busy. Dealing with Co­vid19 positive cases offline and online also kept me immensely busy”, he added.

Dr. Showkat said the pandemic was en­tirely different to deal with. He informed that more than a dozen doctors and para­medics from Pediatric unit of GMC Anant­nag contracted Covid19 infection but that did not stop them from treating the sick children.

“Though many of my colleagues tested Covid19 positive in the line of duty but they continued delivering their professional duties. We adjusted our duty roasters besides isolating infected colleagues in a way that patient care got least affected”, Dr. Showkat said.

The pediatrician recalls that despite receiving several Covid positive cases, they did not shy away from their duty.

The doctor recalls they have witnessed many gut-wrenching scenes during pan­demic.

“We witnessed incidents where family members were reluctant to touch Covid positive kids out of fear that they may con­tract the Covid disease. On contrary, we doctors and other health care workers of­fered our selfless services to best of our capabilities,” he said.

“The frontline workers offered parental care to the sick children during the pan­demic," the doctor added.

Dr. Showkat, who is also a neonatologist, said that though the second wave was more scary in nature, yet people were more fright­ened during the first wave of the pandemic.

When asked how you deal with your kids when you return from your duties, the doctor with a laughter says, "It is easy to deal with the Covid 19 than to deal with the kids at home. You can't resist a hug from your little ones waiting for you at the door once you return from the work. After all life has to go one in the midest of fear and hope." In his message for the people, he said, "Though the fear of pandemic has lost its grip and sheen but that does not mean we should be careless and behave as mindless. Till Covid19 and a susceptible population is there, we must not take things lightly."

He appealed people to be vigilant and to take utmost precautions for a few more months and get immediately get vaccination as it is the only sure way to defeat the virus and the pandemic.

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