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Director Health Services Jammu initiates to aid Emergency Services by use of Tenecteplase drug to save human life

Post by on Thursday, July 21, 2022

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Jammu, July 20: Save life jammu is a comprehensive intitiative launched by DHSJammu to save lives in golden hour. 
A statement by the DHSJ reads, “It has revolutionised Emergency care across all districts by providing best of the treatment in the shortest possible time without reffferals to the tertiary care. This initiative has already handled more than 6000 emergencies till date and saved numerous lives.”
“It has enabled patients to be treated at doorsteps and trained medicos to build thier capacities to manage life threatening emergencies.”
Presently save life jammu is catering to almost 30 to 35 emergencies on daily basis with main stress on reach out to remote areas of the division.
“In Emergency cardiac care too, we have achieved expertise to deal with STEMI or heart attack  that is more serious and has a greater risk of serious complications and death.”
the statement further reads, in our emergency rooms Thrombolytic therapy with streptokinase has been a major procedure in the management STEMI and we have done almost 200 successful procedures over last few months amounting to more than one thrombolysis procedure every day.
This drug works by lysing infarct artery thrombi and achieving reperfusion, thereby reducing infarct size, preserving left ventricular function, and improving survival.
But time has come to drift and evolve to better and safer options of newer buster drugs, like Tenecteplase.
Tenecteplase - is a better and safer option. It is given rapidly , as an iv bolus, and has better impact to open clogged coronaries.
It also comes with least chances of hypersensitivity reactions and is easy to administer at every centre of our division.
Soon, we will be making it available and our ERs will be equipped with this wonder clot busting drug Tenecteplase to aid our Emergency medical teams to save heart attack patients
DHS will be conducting several workshops, sensitisation programmes, training campaigns and conducting hands on sessions all across jammu to enable our ER teams to acquire the skill and confidence to use this wonder clot busting drug with ease in future . This Directorate has also arranged the ALS/BLS Training for AYUSH Medical Officers & Paramedical staff as well as NSS volunteers and faculty of Jammu University.

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