Diet, Nutrition and Cancer prevention
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Diet, Nutrition and Cancer prevention

Post by on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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1. Stuff yourself with Fibre
 Plant and fruits contain Fibre, which helps remove excess hormones that could lead to certain types of cancer, including hormone-dependent breast and prostate cancer. Fibre also reduced transit time for waste from the digestive system, which plays a vital role in preventing colorectal cancer. Fibres, when added adequate amount to diet, can also lead to achieving a healthy weight.
2. Colourful food matters
 The Rainbow diet includes all minerals and fibres, and it helps the body to fight cancer. The fruits and vegetables include cancer-fighting compounds like beta carotene and lycopene. Vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, have been linked to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, lung and stomach cancers. In contrast, carotenoid-rich vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, have been associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer.
3. Yummy Soy 
Soy products lead to decreased risk of recurrence and mortality associated with cancer. In addition, as per Mayo Clinic, when soy is eaten in moderation leads to a decrease in breast cancer. Studies also show that soy also decreases PSA levels and prevents prostate cancer.
4. Drop the Smoked and processed Meat 
WHO reported that processed meat like bacon, sausages leads to colorectal cancer. These are classified carcinogens that generate cancer. Fifty grams of processed meat increases the risk of cancer by 21 %, as per studies. Even intake of 120 grams of red meat leads to a 28% risk of colorectal cancer. It also increases prostate cancer. 
5. Is going vegan is the only option? 
Research linked high intake of fat dairy lead to a higher risk of breast and prostate cancer. Research involving the national cancer institute found that even 1/4 th to 1/3 rd cup of dairy milk daily can lead to cancer. One cup per day increases the risk of cancer by 50 per cent. It also increases prostate cancer.
6. Grilled meat 
Grilled meat contains carcinogenic chemical compounds (Known as heterocyclic amines) linked with multiple cancers.
7. Shun Alcohol
 Cocktails can be traded for mock-tails and alcohol-free drinks. Even one or more drinks daily can lead to colorectal and breast cancer. Smoke and alcohol interaction also increase cancer risk. The best way is to avoid smoke and alcohol. There are now lots of vegan options available that can replace meat.
Dr.Vikas Roshan 
Cancer Specialist, AOI-ASCOMS

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