Dental hygiene for kids
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Dental hygiene for kids

Post by on Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Your child's well-being is your biggest concern and their oral hygiene is an important part of their overall health. Many parents assume that cavities in baby teeth does not matter because they will be lost anyway, but that's not true. Dental decay in baby teeth can negatively affect permanent teeth and lead to future dental problems. Schedule your child's dental appointment at 6 months of age when the first tooth erupts.  

 During pregnancy you are more prone to gum diseases and cavities which can affect baby's health.

 1. Dental hygiene should begin when your child is a baby using gauze. This removes the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

 2. Child-sized toothbrush at age of 1 - 2  twice a day with a non fluoridated tooth paste is used.

 3. Once the child is old enough to spit pea-sized toothpaste is used twice daily.

 4. Brush for 2 - 3 minutes.  Switch out the toothbrush every 3- 6 months or when the bristles look worn.

 5. Flossing is another key part of child's oral care routine.

 6. Flouride is also important to the child's dental health.

 7. Early dental visit helps evaluation of tooth decay, gum diseases, grinding, habits as thumb sucking and over-retained primary teeth, etc

 8. Furthermore it also prevents nursing caries,  rampant caries and developmental dental anomalies.

Training children and motivating parents and caregivers to look after the oral health care of children is mandatory.

Dr Fozia Mir

BDS MDS (Dental Surgeon)

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