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Declining graph of militancy irking politicians who sustained on 'unrest': Raman Suri

Post by on Sunday, May 1, 2022

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Jammu, April 30: Reminding political outfits like PDP, NC that the BJP-led government at the Centre, with its firm policies, has not only contained militancy but also “nailed” those stone pelters who used to spill over streets at the drop of a hat, BJP J&K Executive Member Raman Suri Saturday said that the days of militancy are now numbered and that is what’s irking these political outfits to whom such an unrest suited for grinding their own axe.
Raman Suri said that such politicians, in the name of militancy and Pakistan, always looted the erstwhile state’s exchequer, swindled Security Related Expenditure (SRE), halted development, misguided youth, created an unrest, practiced corruption and nepotism, let loose anti-social elements and never concentrated on developing Jammu and Kashmir at par with any other state of the country.
Referring to the statement by former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti that the BJP-led Union Government has failed to control militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, Raman Suri said, now that militancy is on its last legs, it's irking such politicians who sustained on unrest and played victim cards.
The security agencies now are on the task of wiping out militancy completely which earlier was being sustained by even the white collared, he said.
He said that PDP and NC need to introspect as to why they are becoming irrelevant and losing their leaders to other parties. PDP after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has become like a sinking ship, which every second person of the party is deserting and in such a situation, Mehbooba Mufti is trying to tell the BJP government what it should do. The BJP government, he added, is clear on its programmes and policies and doesn't need any advice from anyone, especially on Jammu and Kashmir which is returning to its lost glory, Suri said.
“This is most unfortunate that on one side Mehbooba Mufti admits that Pakistan was destroyed by misusing religion at the time of Independence and is now bearing the brunt, while on the other hand, insists on talking to a failed state. This is nothing but mere frustration and the desire to grab power by whatever means,” he added.

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