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Cultural Fest - 2022 organized by OASIS Educational Institute- Gogji Bagh

Post by on Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Srinagar, June 02: The Cultural Fest-2022 with a traditional fervour was organized by the team of OASIS Educational Institute -Gogji Bagh not only to make this programme successful but let society to know about the Culture of Kashmir.
The theme of the fest was to bring the richness of Kashmir to life and the whole programme was organized under the leadership of Academics in Charge of the Department of PreprimaryNazish.
In a convivial welcome note of a programme,Sameena Wani (Principal - OASIS Educational Institute - Gogji Bagh) welcome all the stakeholders of an Institution and explained the concept of the Culture of Society as well, which is an important part of the Education System.
Vice-Principal of OASIS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, Gogji Bagh (UZMA ZEHRA) not only welcomed all the guests and other stakeholders of an Institution in her speech but she also hailed the concept of Kashmiri Culture being not a part of Society only but a part of Education system as well.
Mukhtar Ahmad Jaloo (Ex.  Joint Secretary BOSE) was a Chief Guest of the programme who hailed the program in his speech and stressed the cultural fest-like events and ask the students to participate in such events.
Javaid Ahmad Farooqi (Ex. SSP) was also a guest of honour who not only hailed the cultural programme but also praised all the participants, staff members and other stakeholders of the programme.
Arshad Ahmad Dar (Chairman - HF Foundation) was also present in the programme being a guest of honour and encouraging all the participants of the programme.
During the programme, students came up with different cultural things being used like YENDIR (Spinning wheel), NOUT (Clay barrel), SAMOVAR (Traditional kettle), KANGRI (Earthen pot filled with coal), TANGA (Cart), KASHMIRI SHEEP, KASHMIRI WAZWAN etc.
In a Thanks Note, the honourable Chairman of the OASIS Group of Schools (Mr Ashiq Hussain Masoodi) praised all the faculty members be it teaching or non-teaching,  students who made this programme possible with their dedication and hardwork.

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