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CUK organizes Art & Food festival

Post by on Friday, July 22, 2022

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Srinagar, July 21: School of Education (SoE), Central University of Kashmir (CUK), organized a day-long Art & Food Festival—Pholwaen Tooir—on Thursday in Green Campus, Ganderbal.
As per a CUK spokesman, the event was largely directed and driven by ‘developing entrepreneurial skills and acumen in the student community of CUK’.
In his Presidential Address, Prof Farooq Ahmad Shah, Vice Chancellor, CUK, observed that, “universities have been given a mandate for ensuring the alround development of their students and, events like this one, are the right steps taken in this direction.”
He said that presently, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are increasingly becoming the integral parts of almost every academic area. Practical exposure of students towards the real world fulfills the crying concern of NEP-2020”.
He also remarked that, “proper exploration of self—by the students themselves—helps them to discover their hidden talents. Prof Shah concluded his address by saying that, “university administration always welcome and support (and will continue to support) such programmes in the true interests of our student community”.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Mohammad Afzal Zargar, Worthy Registrar, CUK, emphasized that, “Institutions of Higher Learning have to focus on unearthing the skills of their students including the entrepreneurial ones.“Students need to think differently and innovately.”
He said that despite the limitations, CUK has enough to offer in terms of providing ample opportunities to its students for proper engagement of their talents. “I always feel impressed by the humungous talent, present in our students, and our duty is to channelize this resource into proper directions”.
In his Special Address, Prof Fayaz Ahmad Nika, Finance Officer, CUK, stated that, “Entrepreneurship stands for scanning the environment (by the students themselves) in order to find the window of opportunities for engaging their natural talents especially in areas associated with entrepreneurship”.
He also emphasized that, “students should stop hunting for ordinary jobs and should start working on their talents which will facilitate them to earn self-employment”.
Earlier in the day, Prof Syed Zahoor Ahmad Geelani, Dean & Head, SoE, CUK, delivered the Welcome Address. In his address, Prof Geelani noted that, “such programmes are clear manifestations of catching ‘education in action’ and ‘unfolding of students’ talents and inclinations”.
The programme proceedings were jointly conducted by Showkat Ahmad Dar & Sparklin Pradhan, students of Teacher Education, CUK, and formal vote of thanks was proposed by teacher education student,  Falak Farooq, the spokesman added.

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