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CPI (M) rejects recommendations of Delimitation Commission

Post by on Thursday, May 12, 2022

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New Delhi, May 11: The Polit Bureau of the CPI (M) Wednesday demanded the rejection of the recommendations of the Delimitation Commission, saying that these are “clearly politically motivated, aimed at changing the demographic character and composition of J&K.”
A statement from the Polit Bureau said that population is the cardinal parameter in any delimitation of electoral constituencies. According to the 2011 census, the population of Kashmir is 68.9 lakhs while that of Jammu is 53.8 lakhs. A fair delimitation would have given 51 seats to Kashmir and 39 to Jammu in the 90 member assembly. Instead, these recommendations give 47 seats to Kashmir and 43 to Jammu.
 Meanwhile, the statement said that unabated galloping price rise is imposing unprecedented burdens on the people. Crores are suffering and are pushed into poverty with growing hunger pangs. Coming on top of unprecedented levels of unemployment, this is compounding people’s miseries, the statement said
Over the last year the prices of petroleum products have increased by 70 per cent, vegetables by 20 per cent, cooking oil by 23 per cent and cereals by 8 per cent. Wheat, the staple diet of crores of Indians, is costing around Rs. 35/kg. The continuous hike in prices of petroleum products and cooking gas cylinders is propelling this overall inflation, it further added.
The Central government must immediately withdraw all cess/surcharges on all petroleum products. Wheat supplies through the Public Distribution System (PDS) must be restored. The PDS must be strengthened to check this price rise, the statement said.

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