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Conserve natural resources
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Conserve natural resources

We have to take care of the natural assets and it is the responsibility of every citizen to preserve the natural resources

Post by on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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God has bestowed us with paradise in the form of biosphere sustaining life of both flora and fauna. In this biosphere, human being is the king of creations. There are innumerable natural resources present in different ecosystems. The greed of mankind has made them indifferent and they do not value natural resources. The human survival is at stake amid the growing problems of global warming and environmental pollution. Our forests are source of income for number of families.

Our survival depends on the availability of natural resources. The diversity of natural resources that we have on this planet is for the benefit of human beings. Natural resources like forests, solar energy, wind energy, lakes, rivers etc., are the most important elements of our nature. Natural resources are classified in two categories renewable and non renewable energy resources. Petroleum is natural resource. Formed from living plants buried for millions of years, this precious resource is becoming rare now.

Petroleum is a non renewable resource and takes long time to form. Ecosystem makes our habitat comfortable and livable. Another precious resource is the forests. We need forest resources for economic development, controlling pollution, fulfilling social needs, in constructions, for oxygen production, etc. It provides us wood, timber, bamboo, medicine and more importantly it safeguards biodiversity. However, from time to time our forest resources have been eliminated by deforestation. The reasons behind it are poverty, economic inequality, ignorance of public and so on. Industrialization, transportation and other human activities pose a threat to the life of human beings, wild animals and plants.

Over the years, our natural resources are used rather exploited for the benefit of others. The exploitation of water resources is the case in point. Likewise the forests, which are known as green gold, have been exploited to the hilt by forest smugglers and looters, without least inference from the government. The human interference in forest and in wildlife habitats has not only disturbed the natural ecology but has forced the wild animals to turn towards human dwelling which has resulted in the increasing number of man-animal conflicts. The role of the political leadership is indisputable in saving and securing our natural resources.

We should protect the natural resources, if not for present generation but for generations to come. We should not be prejudiced and ensure our love and likeness for the natural resources. We should abide by sustainable development and cooperate with each other. We have to take care of the natural assets and it is the responsibility of every citizen to preserve the natural resources. If our resources are to be saved, people have to push the government and get it out of slumber. It is time to create public awareness about the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. While it is necessary to use and exploit the natural resources, which of course are for betterment, it must be realised that excess of everything is bad. People have to be judicious with the use of natural resources.


(The Author is Pursuing PG in Environmental Science and is a Teacher. He can be mailed at: mnsoor563&gmail.com)

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