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Cong, NC deliberately neglected remote areas of Jammu region: Dr Jitendra

Post by on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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Bani, June 20: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh Monday said that Congress and National Conference governments in the past had deliberately neglected remote areas of the Jammu region because of vote bank considerations.
He said, the elected representatives of these parties never wanted education or awareness to reach the people in remote areas so that, election after election, the people's ignorance could be exploited to secure their vote.
According to the official spokesperson, addressing a public rally in this remote area, Dr Jitendra Singh said, Prime Minister NarendraModi changed this self-centred culture to reach out to those who were needy, regardless of whichever party they had voted for. He said, someday, analysts will seek an answer as to why all the development that happened in the remote Bani area in the last eight years, could not happen in the earlier six decades.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, the best way to appreciate 8 years of the Modi rule is to recall the scenario that existed in the 8 years prior to that.  When Modi took over as Prime Minister in 2014, the entire country was reeling under the shadow of pessimism and the common citizen had lost all hope in the din of mega scams and scandals involving Ministers and functionaries at high places, he said and added that Modi’s swearing-in ceremony as Prime Minister of India in the evening of 26 May 2014 marked the beginning of the nation’s journey from pessimism to optimism.
Accusing the earlier governments of deliberately neglecting the far flung hilly regions, Dr Jitendra Singh said, perhaps the motive was that the people living in these remote areas should remain perpetually deprived of the opportunities unfolding in the rest of the world so that their ignorance could be exploited to extract their votes, election after election. To that extent, he praised Modi for introducing the new work style and reaching out to those who were most needy, regardless of whichever political party they voted for. 

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