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Commuters in Srinagar demand more E-Rickshaw services on Srinagar routes

Post by on Thursday, July 14, 2022

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Srinagar, July 13: As Srinagar parks witnessed a good rush of people on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha, people especially children were seen commuting and enjoying their rides in newly introduced eco-friendly electronic auto-rickshaw services in the city. 
Commuters traveling through newly introduced eco-friendly electronic auto-rickshaw demanded the availability of services on more routes of Srinagar and said the travel is costing them low and is affordable to everyone.
In Srinagar city, E-Rickshaws are being seen doing the rounds in the city carrying passengers from one place to another place.
Many commuters told Rising Kashmir that they are happy to avail the E-Rickshaw services but demanded the services should be opened across all routes in Srinagar.
“There are many lanes and by-lanes in Srinagar which doesn’t have regular transport service and people have to book Auto Rickshaws which cost us more, but with the start of E-Rickshaw there is a respite, but the services should be started all areas”, said a group of people in Lal chowk.
They said that E rickshaws have made their journey possible on the nominal amount as the charges are low while they had to pay around 100 times more to cover the same distance using petrol fuel injected auto rickshaw.
Altaf Ahmad Shagoo while speaking to the Rising Kashmir said that many E-rickshaw companies operating in the valley have their dealers or sub-dealers for gathering bookings.
He said that they are getting a good response from the people for booking their e-Rickshaws but said the market is yet to be worked on.
“I think a market of around 30 percent has been covered as far as the introduction and start of e-rickshaw is concerned. There is still plenty of markets open, many manufacturing companies are coming to the valley and have placed their dealers or sub-dealers”, he said.

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