Common mental health tips that will help you
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Common mental health tips that will help you

Post by on Monday, October 11, 2021

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1. Practice gratitude 
Gratitude is the way of looking at life from a positive point of view. When you practice gratitude it helps you balance both positives and negatives in life. So the setback don't make you too much despondent. 
2. Practice compassion 
Being compassionate towards others gives you perspective to look at those who are less fortunate than you..
3. Practice forgiveness 
Holding grudges and negative emotions against someone who has wronged you only harms your peace of mind and mental health. Letting go and forgiving is the option 
4. Practice patience
Delaying your immediate pleasures and learning to tolerate temporary discomforts helps you to save your self from bigger issues. 
5. Practice spirituality
Connecting with higher self and being religious gives you Coping mechanism to deal with everyday stress. Like, there is always a better plan for you with God.
Prof (Dr.) Yasir Hassan Rather, 
Department of Psychiatry, IMHANS-K GMC, Srinagar