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Post by on Saturday, November 13, 2021

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Blood Donor safety is First concern.
Age 18 years onwards to 65 years even more in developed countries. 
Both men & women equally can donate blood.
Minimal Weight in must be more than 45 kgs.
Haemoglobin Levels must be more than in 12.5 grams/dl.
Resting Pulse Rate of (72 beats/minute Respiratory rate of 18breaths/minute )& Blood pressure (120/80mmHg).
Decreased heart rate less than 60 beats/minute or called Bradycardia must be deferred for blood donation and evaluated for underlying cardiac illnesses. 
Not be suffering from any Fever, common cold or jaundice.
Donor should have adequate sleep overnight before the day of blood donation.
Donor must be feeling good emotionally, physically, spiritually and no stress be  put on blood donor.
Blood donor must have taken heavy breakfast in the form of high calories atleast half hour before blood donation.
With a single donation there are approximately 400 to 500 calories loss & it must be replaced before donation & extra calories even after blood donation be taken for safety of blood donor.
In no case blood donor be suffering from any comorbid illnesses like uncontrolled Diabetes, Hyper or Hypothyroidism, seizure disorders, severe Hypertension of diastolic BP more than 110 mm Hg, history of recent GI Bleed, Bleeding disorders, Pneumonia in recent past or admission in intensive care units for last 6months.
Patients on drugs like Aspirin stop the drug and deferral of donation for one week.
In case of Common cold
Postpone blood donation for a week till blood donor is fit.
Previous history of surgery, jaundice, Typhoid, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis blood donation be deferred.
Remove phobias and myths 
Be a regular blood donor after every 3 months for men and every 4 months for women.
Are you a fit blood donor?
(Donate blood and save lives)

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