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Change your life for the better
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Change your life for the better

One small step can change the life provided you take that small step seriously with utmost dedication and will power

Post by on Monday, June 6, 2022

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You got to believe that habits are too tough to break or change, since they become your part of life, hence mending them becomes not only tough but impossible and dreadful. Although , I have read somewhere that building good habits takes time than bad ones; as bad habits are always pleasing and romancing like teenage love--- wow, salad days; unforgettable moments, substance of  innocence and honesty , one craves to be like that often times but is  it possible? Certainly not. Praise the genius of Shakespeare, “I destroyed time and time destroys me."  A man never realized how far has he gone and how much time has passed since he has landed on the planet.

Shiv khera, in his famous book ‘ You Can Win' writes that a person stands never happy with his present state, given his mind is always in flux and aspires bigger and higher position than the spot he is at . Shiv khera, while citing the example of a school boy of grade 1st who always looks with dreamy eyes towards the boys who are in the top most grade of that institution and aspire to reach the grade sooner than later, for these small kids presume that the life of the elderly boys are better than them; contrary to what the boys who are idols for small kids aspire to be college going students or somewhat different.  The point shiv khera, wants to make is simpler than simple--the grass looks greener on the other side.

Here, I would like add a few points from the famous book of John Milton -- Paradise Lost, when Adam and Eve went astray and against the will of the lord; who had ordained upon them not to eat forbidden fruit, despite which they went erroneous and were descended from the paradise after 130 years. The question what bothered me during my course of studies was; what forced Adam to eat forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree? Which Christianity calls the tree of knowledge; the answer is that a man is born with inquisitive mind-set that doesn't let him to be still and static or satisfied or satiated. It's in born tendency of a man to be in a flux; moreover, I reckon it's a good trait provided it is used ultra-carefully. They say, “still water stinks." Considering this reality then one must remain in stir as the English saying goes  , “ the mintage of wisdom is to know that rest is rust , and that real life is love, laughter, and work ." Besides this John Banyan says, “an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop."

Since long, I had made my mind to change myself and inculcate some good habits be that regular with books and writing essays, research paper or getting up early. I believe, introspection is must as it make aware about your profile, despite the fact I don't believe in the opinions that people carry about you, I consider them fickle or it may be because I was introduced to religious studies quite early in my life which made me like I'm. Sheikh Sadi Sherazi (RA) says, “never bother about words that people shower for you but always be worried how you are before lord." Hazzat Ali (RA) says, “solitude defines one the best way."  Most of the people in the world I have encountered are people pleasers given they get distributed if people say against them, many have bidden adieu to life because they could not tolerate criticism, it is said John Keats died due to criticism. People who fall prey to such acts are sensitive people, sympathetic and emphatic who care about others but become the receivers at the end, which in no way means one should not be sensitive as being sensitive is a blessing that makes this world to exist but having said this, I am also a hard core believer that one must develop a thick skin otherwise people will swallow him, exploit him and use him for their own benefits as five fingers are brothers but not equals.

When I decided to change, I knew it would be difficult or impossible-- I wanted to become the #Membersof5amclub, #Healthylife and #cyclinglife; so I decided to take a challenge for 21 days, knowing, making it to 21 days continuously would be deadly difficult, so I planned it day by day as I knew making it to week will make me worn out mentally and I shall flunk downrightly to it. 

Initially we were two friends who decided to go for cycling early in the morning and after running and exercising; starting the journey from 05am to 07am each day unto 21 days but after a few days my dear friend couldn't come so I was left all alone with deserted road but at times with deadly hounds; there were two options to give up or to take the challenge all alone and I preferred the latter and made my mind to accept and conquer it. However, some mornings were rainy, cloudy and chilly but they were not excuses for me but I took every day as a challenge hence completed it all alone. I motivated myself by saying one small step can change the life provided you take that small step seriously with utmost dedication and will power. The aim behind compiling this piece is to motivate and tell you nothing is impossible provided you believe in yourself than the false praises people shower upon you.


(Author is RK Columnist. He can be approached at:  mufti.jameel97@gmail.com) 


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