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CEO Rahim Motors interacted with entrepreneurs and students at IUST

Post by on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Srinagar, July 05: Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development, IUST on Tuesday organized an interactive session with Abdul Hamid Rahim CEO Rahim Motors/Rahim Greens for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. The session aimed to expose the youth to established entrepreneurs from the valley and sensitize them towards social responsibilities.
With remarkable achievements in the field of business and CSR, Mr. Rahim has been invited as an expert speaker to many reputed international institutions that include Harvard Business School Boston (USA), Cambridge University, National University Singapore, IAVE South Korea, Al-Boohari International University Malaysia. He has also earned a fellowship with United World College (USA). "A true businessman is a gardener who while decorating his enterprise has to be also responsible towards society in general and his employees in particular", said Rahim. He advised the participants to study the world history and contributions of world heroes and seek inspiration from them. Talking about the challenges experienced by entrepreneurs, he said "an individual gets what he aspires for. The youth should focus on skill enhancement, and not only on degrees”.
Appreciating the efforts of the guest speaker, Prof. Shabir Ahmed (Dean Outreach, IUST) said “Great institutions are created by great minds. The world-class universities have been created by dedicated and responsible individuals and not with huge funds”. He further said that interactive sessions with entrepreneurs who have achieved success through hard work and dedication play a great role in educating the youth more than the books that provide knowledge only to the ones who open them.
"The youth of the valley are talented and our efforts are to expose them to new concepts and chisel their skills so that they will grow as efficient entrepreneurs of tomorrow", said Dr.Parvaiz A Mir (Director, CIED).

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