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CD Doctors call off strike after three days

Post by on Sunday, June 12, 2022

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Srinagar, June 11: Doctors at Chest Disease (CD) hospital here on Saturday called off their strike and resumed their duties after three days. 
The doctors at this hospital went on strike three days back, citing the reason that a group of doctors had been manhandled by the attendants after a patient died in the hospital. 
The doctors who went on strike a few days back said their demands, which they put forth, have been met by the administration. 
A senior doctor at the hospital told Rising Kashmir that doctors at the hospital resumed their duties after the senior official from the health administration met the protesting doctors and assured them that their issues would be redressed within a week. 
The doctors said that for the second time, Principal Government Medical College Srinagar, Dr. Saima, visited the hospital along with other health officials and met the protesting doctors. 
He said the principal has assured the doctors that within a week their demands will be fulfilled. 
Earlier, she also met the protesting doctorsand assured them their concerns would be addressed. 
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, Dr. Saima earlier said she has met the doctor at the hospital and they will resume their duties soon. 
To avoid the incident that occurred recently, the doctors at this health institution are seeking full security at the emergency, ICU, and other wards of the hospital.
Earlier, the family of a deceased lady damaged hospital equipment, including an oxygen cylinder, stating that the patient died of medical negligence. 
The strike by the doctors at this health institution has left the patients in distress. Some patients at the hospital allege there was no doctor available in the hospital to check them. 
Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent Dr. Saleem Tak confirmed the that the doctors resumed their duties. All the doctors have resumed their duties, adding that the hospital has started functioning normally. 
Dr.Tak stated that the security, which was their main concern, would be improved.

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