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Building the environment
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Building the environment

Because of the concern shown by the society towards environment, business houses have begun to modify their behavior in an attempt to address society’s new concerns

Post by on Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Caring for environment is the need of the hour. We must strive to reduce the negative impact on the environment by taking appropriate measures. These days, advertisements promote a phrase ‘eco-friendly’ on many products. This phrase is meant to promote environment friendly products. What is annoying is lack of interest from certain consumers and firms. It is presumed a high risk factor, the perception of these consumers and firms that sustainability is boring, expensive or too complicated are some of the reasons given by marketing professionals for failing to promote a green business model. 
Because of the concern shown by the society towards environment, business houses have begun to modify their behavior in an attempt to address society's new concerns. Some have been quick to accept concepts like environmental management systems and waste minimization, and have integrated environmental issues into all organizational activities. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process and packaging changes. Many firms are beginning to realize that they are members of the wider community and therefore must behave in a responsible way. This translates a belief into firms that they must achieve environment as well as profit related objectives. 
As with all marketing related activities, governments want to protect consumers and the society they are part of. Governmental regulations relating to environmental marketing are designed to protect consumers in several ways to ensure that all types of consumers have the ability to evaluate the environmental composition of goods. Governments establish regulations designed to control the amount of hazardous wastes produced by firms. Many by-products of production are controlled through issuance of environmental licenses, thus modifying organizational behavior. 
When dealing with a complex system such as ecology, there are no black and white solutions. Everything has some impact. When you look at the available products on store shelves or online too they should now include clarifying information about their attributes instead of just general statements. It will be a start to educate consumers about sustainability.
Green marketing is one of the modern concepts to promote environment friendly products. However, there are a number of potential problems that they must overcome. One of the main problems is that firms using green marketing must ensure that their activities are not misleading to consumers or industry, and do not breach any of the regulations or laws dealing with environmental marketing Another problem firms face is that those who modify their products due to increased consumer concern must contend with the fact that consumers' perceptions are sometimes not correct When firms attempt to become socially responsible, they may face the risk that the environmentally responsible action of today will be found to be harmful in the future. Green marketing covers more than a firm's marketing claims. 
While firms must bear much of the responsibility for environmental degradation, ultimately it is consumers who demand goods, and thus create environmental problems. It appears that consumers are not overly committed to improving their environment and may be looking to lay too much responsibility on industry and government. Ultimately green marketing requires that consumers want a cleaner environment and are willing to pay for it, possibly through higher priced goods, modified individual lifestyles, or even governmental intervention. Until this happens, it will be difficult for firms alone to lead the green marketing revolution.
(Author has done Management studies and is an educator)   

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