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B’pora engineer siblings come up with idea of biomedical waste to construct cost-effective, durable roads

Post by on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Two siblings from Bandipora have come up with an idea of using biomedical waste to construct cost-effective and durable roads which can withstand freezing temperatures in the valley during winters.
Bint ul Islam and Shabnum Masood, the two engineering graduates presented the idea of making the better roads and also a proper way of disposing the biomedical waste during their research project at Punjab Technical University, Chandigarh
Shabnum said that every year, huge revenue is being spent on the maintenance of roads but outcomes are always futile which led them to research about the issue.
“During research, we came to know that the bitumen used in the road construction doesn’t withstand the temperature of the valley during winters because of the less stability of bitumen. We thought of increasing the stability of bitumen,” she said.
Various methods, including the use of polythene, were tried to enhance the stability of bitumen but the innovator sisters wanted to solve two problems with one solution.
 “We thought of using the glucose bottles that are used in the hospitals. As we know, with more ailments, biomedical waste is being generated in large quantities. When bitumen molds are used with glucose bottles, its stability is increased and can be used to overcome the problem of dilapidated roads which happens during winters,” Bint ul Islam said.
The innovators said that the testing has been done and they have received successful results.
“The solution we are offering applies to the whole of Kashmir and also to the areas where snowfall takes place. The roads can withstand snow and there can be no further loss of roads,” she said.
The guides that have helped the innovators in the project are from Punjab Technical University at Chandigarh, The National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) and some guides from SSM colleges of Science and Technology.
Till now, they have worked on 10 research papers regarding their innovation,  of which seven are published and three are under process. For the innovation, the patent has also been filed and is under consideration. 
They have participated in a conference sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education where they were praised for their innovation. They have also received the ‘BEST Duo Young Innovator Award’ and many awards are under their credit.
The innovators are looking forward to getting in touch with the J&K government to discuss their research work. 
Shabnum said, “Nowadays, civil engineering is not considered a worthy degree by some people but it depends on a person's perspective how they are taking it.
“Girls are stopped from pursuing civil engineering. It is one of the finest subjects if we take it seriously; it has a huge scope and opportunities to offer."

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