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BJP's success story defined by struggle, sacrifice: Dr Jitendra

Post by on Monday, May 16, 2022

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Udhampur, May 15: Addressing a public rally Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh Sunday said that BJP’s success story is defined by struggle and sacrifice, and truly represents the journey of “Sankalp se Sankhya”, which means that for several decades the BJP karyakartas consistently and untiringly worked with a resolve and determination even when the party did not have enough numbers to be in power but the resolve and determination kept the BJP going and the party was finally also rewarded with numbers enough to come to power in the Centre and in different States one after the other.
Taking a dig at the opposition parties, the critics and those who have recently joined the BJP, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is a tribute to the inherent capacity and commitment of BJP karyakartas that they were organising huge public rallies even in those times when they were nowhere in power and the ruling parties at that time were always hell bent to sabotage the BJP’s public campaign and programmes.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, it has been a miraculous journey from the times when the leaders of Congress and other parties made fun of us and mocked us for being the karyakartas of BJP and went to the extent of taunting as “JhandaDanda Party”, whereas the same leaders today are ready to join BJP and hold the BJP’s "Jhanda" because they have realised that BJP is the only truly democratic party of independent India, which gives opportunity to its workers based on merit and not on considerations of dynastic or family lineage.
Under Prime Minister NarendraModi, Dr Jitendra Singh said, BJP has imparted a new political culture based on reaching out to those who needed us the most and providing opportunity to those who have been deprived, without any appeasement of any section and then leaving it to the wisdom of the common voter to decide whom he should elect or not to elect.
Modi’s pro-poor and welfare schemes have benefitted all sections of society and this even our opponents have began to appreciate although they may not say so openly.  Under the presidentship of Amit Shah and now J P Nadda, BJP has become the largest democratic political party of the world because it has succeeded in clearing all the misgivings and misconceptions that were perpetuated about it by the Congress and its allies and finally convincing the common man that this is the only and the only mainstream political party of India, which blends traditions with progress, he said.

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