BJP snatched Jammu’s glorious Dogra identity, business, tourism sector
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BJP snatched Jammu’s glorious Dogra identity, business, tourism sector

Altaf Bukhari addresses public rally in Jammu’s old city

Post by on Saturday, July 16, 2022

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Jammu, July 16: Apni Party (AP) president Syed Mohammed AltafBukhari Saturday criticized the BJP for allegedly misleading people with “emotional sloganeering.” He said that they have played with the emotions of people and destroyed the splendid Raghunath Bazaar, Jammu’s business and its tourism sector.
A statement from the party said that AltafBukhari addressed a party workers’ convention at Jammu.
Bukhari was given an impressive welcome in a traditional manner by the people as well as the party leaders and workers near Jewel Chowk, Gumat Bazaar, VivekanandChowk, Raghunath Bazaar Chowk, Residency Road, and ShaheediChowk when he was on his way towards ShaheediChowk to address the convention.
“I want to thank everyone for welcoming us warm welcome in this historic city. When I was coming towards Residency Road, I remembered the days when it was the heart of Jammu. However, they have broken it into pieces. We have seen our childhood in this Residency Road. But this government has worsened the condition of Residency Road which is very unfortunate. Unfortunately they claim that they represent the aspirations of Jammu and its people. It does not seem they represent Jammu in true sense if you go out and see the condition of Historic City and popular Residency Road,” he said.
Whether the Jammu people had given mandate to them to end the 100 years old Darbar Move and to end the business of Jammu? Bukhari asked.
He said that the direct train to Katra from other parts of the country has affected the business very badly and no effort was made to promote tourism destinations of Jammu.
He said that the BJP would claim that Jammu was facing discrimination due Art 370 and Art 35A and accordingly, they abrogated the special status claiming that the discrimination would end to fulfil their 60 years old slogan.
“Have you witnessed any positive change after August 5, 2019 in Jammu? However, today you are witness to the situation which has turned bad to worse in Jammu City. Jammu has become backward and youth have come on the roads. At the time, when I am speaking here in the Convention, our youth Finance Department’s Account Assistants, aspirants of Sub Inspectors of J&K and daily wagers are protesting for their genuine demands,” he said.
He said that if someone was involved in leaking the Sub Inspector’s papers, why the entire list was cancelled. It is not justified.
Bukhari said that the situation in J&K will improve if the traditional political parties like BJP, Congress Party, NC and PDP are rooted out of politics.
“We are responsible for the present situation as they exploited people on the name of regions, religion, caste, autonomy, self-rule, ekNishan and ekVidhan and other slogans to mislead the people. There was no truth in their claims. We do not provoke people or involve people in any kind of controversy by giving them misleading slogans,” he said.
He also condemned granting of domicile to the people who live for 15 years in Jammu and Kashmir and questioned the government for not permitting permanent residents of J&K to continue to hold Permanent Resident Certificates (PRCs) which are our identity.

He said that the BJP asked for the Chief Minister from Jammu. “This is the same BJP which came into power with PDP against which they had contested elections in Jammu and won the mandate of the people. They did nothing but scrapped the special status, Dogra identity, statehood and divided a historic State into Union Territories,” he said.


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