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BJP leader urges to rollback eviction notice of centaur hotel employees

Post by on Sunday, June 12, 2022

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Srinagar, June 11: BJP senior leader and chief spokesperson for party's Minority Morcha Hilal Jan Saturday came out in support of the employees of the lake- view five- star the Centaur Hotel.
He appealed to the authorities not to take any decision in haste which will snatch the livelihood of the serving employees.
The one sided decision will render these employees jobless despite serving the hotel for decades.
More than 160 employees of the lake- view five- star Centaur Hotel employees staged massive protests against the concerned authorities for showing them eviction notice.
The employees have been working in this Air India Subsidiary Hotel since 1984 and have been generating profitable business since then despite some tough situations at several times.
"The hotel is presently generating monthly revenue of an average of Rs 1.5 crores while the retainer ship income is on average Rs 60 lakhs monthly," the agitating employees said.
The agitating employees appealed to the government to take a holistic approach with employees while taking any decision. "Government should consider the future prospects of the serving employees before taking any decision regarding privatization of the hotel," they said.

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