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BJP govt turning deaf ear to mounting public grievances in J&KUT: Bhalla

Post by on Friday, April 29, 2022

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Jammu, April 28: Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) working- president Raman Bhalla Thursday claimed that so far the BJP rule has been of “mismanagement, immense despair and agony” and the country today stands at a stage where the common people are suffering from the wounds inflicted by the government. 
According to party statement, continuing his efforts to listen to grievances of aggrieved people in various areas of Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla said politics of disorientation and false propaganda have become the hallmark of the functioning of the Modi government.
While interacting with aggrieved people of rural areas of Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla said that the eighth year of the government stands at a stage where the citizens of the country are forced to suffer the countless wounds and ruthless insensitivity inflicted by the government, the statement said.
Bhalla lashed out at the central government for the unprecedented price hike and record unemployment besides failing to address the grievances of people of J&K on every count after promising massive development post August 5, 2019.
Former minister blamed the government for failing to tackle prices and making life difficult for the common man. There is no doubt that there has been a significant increase in poverty and hunger, he said. 
The former minister further said that public grievances are mounting every day but the government has remained unmoved.  
Bhalla said that public issues and grievances are piling-up with the passage of every day but the administration has failed to solve the basic issues.
Bhalla observed that governments are elected to ease the burden of people and at the very least, not work directly contrary to their interests. Every citizen is anguished and deeply distressed regarding the spiralling fuel and gas prices. 

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