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BJP celebrates ‘Emergency Day’ at district office Udhampur
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BJP celebrates ‘Emergency Day’ at district office Udhampur

Post by on Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Udhampur, June 25: BJP office Battalbalian,  Ranbir Singh Pathania, BJP spokesperson  delivered  concluding/keynote address on  various chronological developments which led to the enactment of national emergency by the then Indira led sarkar on 25th of June, 1975. He further dwelled in detail upon the various social, political and constitutional impacts of the emergency.
 A new chapter was written in the political history of India whereby calls of Sarvodaya and SampoornaKranti of JP Narayan echoed the political horizon of India. He called upon effective measures to protect and preserve the democratic credentials and strive for Sankalp se Siddhi so that such a faux pas is avoided in future.
Puran Chand, district President BJP also was critical of the Congress party which has been the murderer of democracy since the past so many decades. He said that Congress owes a question to the people of India for enacting such a draconian chapter in the political history of India.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, with the participation of civil society and other relevant stakeholders, the participant nations will reaffirm our strong commitment to conserve and sustainably use the ocean, seas and marine resources. He added that greater ambition is required at all levels to address the dire state of the ocean. As leaders and representatives of our Governments, we are determined to act decisively and urgently to improve the health, productivity, sustainable use and resilience of the ocean and its ecosystems.

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