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B&J Hospital receives 40 to 45 accident cases every day

Post by on Saturday, August 6, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 05: The Bone and Joint Hospital (B&J) at Barzulla receives at least 500 patients with bone and joint problems and 40 to 45 accident cases every day.
Dr Khurshid Ahmad Kangoo, Head of the Department, Bone and Joint Hospital told Rising Kashmir that the children, teenagers, adults, women and elderly need to focus on their lifestyle.
"Accidents of youngsters, osteoporosis, arthritis among women, back and joint pain are the most common problems found among people in Kashmir," he said.
Dr Kangoo said that all diseases are linked to lifestyle. “There would not be any decline in the cases until and unless the people start exercising, and consume a balanced diet. We have seen vitamin D deficiency among children. It is very important to give calcium to the children so that they would not face any problems in future," he said.
Dr Kangoo also said that the hospital is witnessing an increasing number of accident patients. “The ‘number of cases is alarming. We are receiving such cases from south, north and mostly from Srinagar district," he said.
 “We receive different types of patients. People in the villages are mostly associated with agricultural activities. Some people fall from the trees resulting in injuries. In some cases, the tendency of injuries is high,”he said.
Doctors said that maintaining bone health is very important.  Maintaining healthy bones and consuming vitamin D are very important for women as they start losing bone density after menopause.
Dr Mushtaq, an orthopaedist said that although there is no particular cause of low bone density in women." But we have seen that lifestyle plays a major role for bone health."
" Minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins like vitamin D are necessary for the maintenance of bone health. Also, vitamin E, some amino acids are important for the muscles," he said.
 Doctors said that 20 minute walk every day is necessary for people.
"Excessive physical exercise and lifting heavy weights is not good for bones," doctors added.

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