Benefits of Ramadan fasting
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Benefits of Ramadan fasting

Post by on Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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?Helps and connects people to real life.
?Keeps the body lighter & clearness in thoughts.
?Teaches us patience,Tolerance.
?Keeps psychological & improvised behaviour towards self & others.
?Relieves stress,depression  & anxiousness.
?Fasting Improves brain functions & boosts  brain derived neurotrophic factor & prevents from Alzeimers or Parkinsonism.
?Fasting Improves your eating patterns & one chooses the right Food to eat.
?Fasting promotes longevity of life
 (Believe it or not, "the less you eat more long you live")
?Fasting strengthens the immune system. 
?Increases number of T lymphocytes & increases antibodies in blood. 
?Protects from obesity by burning belly fats.
?Fasting has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity.
?Improves metabolism of the body. 
?Increases physical energy & Stamina
?Reduces chances of kidney stones because by fasting, sodium in blood increases & prevents crystallization of calcium in kidneys. 
?Removes accumulated toxins out of the body. 
?Controls desire to overeat or other desires
?Controls cholesterol,Triglycerides  testosterone levels.
?Improves Digestion & absorption. 
?Fasting provides rest to all systems of the body like digestive system, endocrine system.
?It gives the body a chance to use out the stock & body stores like vitamins, fats, minerals.
?Helps liver cell & enzymes to regenerate 
?A fresh storage system gets activated after the stores are empty. 
?Reduces fat stores of  the body.
?Improves function of endocrine glands. ?Reduces blood glucose & controls diabetes. 
?Improves fertility in women & men. 
?Improves ability to learn & memory.
?Sick & weak cells are destroyed or recycled & regenerated ( Autophagy).
?Improves Muscular system & its Function.
?Controls on addictions or smoking & helps to quit smoking.
?One learns self care & care of others.
?Helps in improving spiritual health  & maintains a healthy body, mind and soul.
?The body gets a retro grade change normally we eat in day & fast at nights & in Ramadan we fast in day & do not fast at nights & this is a retro grade change.