Beatboxer Omega tries to send a positive vibe
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Beatboxer Omega tries to send a positive vibe

Post by on Sunday, July 31, 2022

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13 years old, Immad aka Omega from Srinagar co-incidentally got attracted to beatboxing by watching one of his friends. Soon he started learning online which went a long way in helping him.

“It’s not only about making sounds. It's about flow, patterns and speed that should grip people’s mind and send a positive vibe. I started with the basic drum, kick sound and with time got confidence to participate in gigs,” he said.

Beatbox finds its roots in hip hop culture. In Kashmir, the art has been gaining popularity among the young lot. Since there is no opportunity to learn the art, the beatboxers learn by watching tutorials videos on YouTube. Certain online platforms also connect the beatboxers across India where they jam and battle to improve each other.

He has learnt the art from his peers while his parents have been supporting him for choosing the art as a hobby. 

Social media has helped in the propagation of the art. Many beatbox artists are turning to social media handles to upload the content and gain their followers.

Since many hip hop enthusiasts are showing up, a community called Kashmir Beatbox Community looks for the beatboxers in Kashmir where artists across Kashmir come together to jam.  “Beatboxers of our community help each other in learning various sounds. Also, India Beatbox Community is supporting beatboxers of Kashmir. It’s the art of beatbox that has transcended the boundaries and connected all beatboxers across the country,” he added.

He says that the art is beautiful, strong and addictive. “In Kashmir, hip hop culture is emerging with new rappers, beatboxers and b-boying dancers. Once you come to know this culture, it’s really difficult to get over it,” he said.

Apart from beatboxing, Immad is good at playing football and plays in the under 14 team.

“Beatboxing is a good hobby to keep. Cyphers are happening in Kashmir which is a good platform for everyone to learn,” he concluded.


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