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BDC chairman, pol workers, panchayat members from Pampore join AP

Post by on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Srinagar, May 23: The Block Development Council (BDC) chairman Pampore, Mohammad Altaf Mir along with his workers and Panchayat members from the Pampore assembly constituency Monday joined Apni Party (AP) at the party headquarters in Srinagar.
A party statement said that welcoming the new entrants into the party fold, AP president Syed Mohammad AltafBukhari said that the way people have been joining the Apni party since the day of its inception on March 8, 2020, is enthusiastic and a clear sign that people have faith on unambiguous policy and agenda of Apni Party.
“The political leaders and workers joining our hands in each corner of J&K shows that AP has a vast acceptance and approval among the masses. The more people we get into our party fold the more we will be strengthened to work for our agenda of development in Jammu and Kashmir and the economic and political empowerment of its people,” Bukhari said.
“People are joining us even though the traditional political parties did not leave any stone unturned to malign and defame the Apni Party with their smear campaign,” he added.
He assured new entrants complete support from the top leadership of the party to enable them to serve the people in their respective areas.
Besides Mohammad Altaf Mir, BDC chairman Pampore, those who joined Apni Party are Adil Mir, SarpanchKonibal, Pampore; Abdul GafarDra, SarpanchLalPoraPampore; NageenaAktar, SarpanchAndoosa; Shabir Ahmad, SarpanchMunporaPampore; Gulam Mohammad Lone, Deputy SarpanchShaar; Javid Ahmad Dar, Deputy SarpanchNaganda; and Naseer Ahmad Rather, Punch from Wuyan.

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